What happens when I get there?

You will meet me, your Tandem Hang Gliding Instructor, at the Skyview Ranch. From here we will shuttle to the top of the mountain. You will have a full pre-flight briefing prior to launch and an explanation of the waiver( note: (waiver is mandatory). You will have a 15 – 25 minute flight with the landing back at the Skyview Ranch and landing zone. The total time from start to finish is approximately 2 hours.

Pay with Visa? Debit?

No, unfortunately at this time I can only take cash.

How long is a flight?

Flight time range from 15 to 25 minutes depending on the conditions.

Is there weight restrictions?

I can fly with passengers between (100 lbs – 180 lbs). If you fall outside this range (i.e. Smaller adults or heavier individuals) please let me know so we can book your flight according to the conditions and have a chat about your level of fitness.

Where do we meet?

See How to get there on the contact us link

How many people can fly at once?

I can only take one person per trip up the mountain

Is there an age requirement ?

I fly guests from 18yrs and up. I ask for a minimum level of fitness. You are required to run which is essential for launching, It is no more than four to five strides , however as the passenger YOU are an integral part and will be instructed as my co-pilot prior to launching. ( Not to fear… I launch, fly and land the glider all you need to do is run when I ask)

How experienced are you?

I am a certified Hang Gliding Instructor with an Advanced pilot rating and Tandem rating under the Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Canada. I’ve been flying for 14 years have thousands of flights, thousands of miles and thousands of hours in the air.

What to bring? Camera?

Warm clothing and sturdy footwear. You can bring a camera with a strap. I also provide an SD card from the inflight go pro video for purchase.